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Scrubby Bar Soap

Made with olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, water and sodium hydroxide. Scented with lemon and orange essential oil.

Has a faint smell of creamy cocoa butter with a gentle smell of the lemon and orange. 

There are poppy seeds in the bottom half of the soap for exfoliation. There are calendula petals on the top for color, mild exfoliation and herbal benefits. 

I made this soap for the exfoliation after I've been out in the garden, fishing or the whatevers.. It has a creamy lather and the oils condition those dry, irritated hands, (or feet).

Made by the cold processed method. 

4.0 oz


Please go to the ABOUT section for more information on the ingredients, oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, etc……

Scrubby Bar

SKU: SB018
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