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My Story

     My grandparents owned a health food store in Kalispell, MT. I loved the smell of the herbs, spices produce, vitamins, and the earthy, smelling environment it held. I remember wishing and hoping that I would own a store like that one day. I loved all the natural, organic candies, the way fresh ground flour felt and smelled, the gentle packaging of hand made products, and the fact that customers, friends and strangers, came to grandma for nutritional guidance and help. She was so full of wisdom and confidence. People trusted her, and walked away with a wealth of knowledge that she so freely gave.  I remember her making homemade echinacea salve for her dry, weathered skin. How it looked so dark green, creamy, and smelled earthy and just looked so natural, and how she got relief from it. I've always desired to make homemade products, and have always been intrigued with the herbs and plants that God has surrounded us with. 

 Plants and herbs have always been in my blood, but, the outdoor girl in me, had other plans, (or so I thought). 

  Since I was a little, I had always wanted to be a game warden. When I was a little girl, I remembered this particular game warden, at Holter Lake, MT. I admired him, and wanted to be like him. So, I went into Forestry school, to become a game warden. But, deep in my heart, something was always tugging at me, in the back of my mind, of being like my grandma, (or at least heading down that path of vitamins and herbs).  Through much prayer and asking the Lord to show me His will for my life, and not just what I wanted, one night, I woke up, He spoke to me, and it was clear as day, that I was to become a nurse.

  So, I left Forestry, and entered the medical field. It has been quite the journey, many joys and struggles and burn-out. During those years, I always had in the back of my mind, "why didn't I become a nutritionist like grandma?" But, it was never something that was of God. He spoke to me to become a nurse, and so I did. He gifted me. Nursing was natural to me. Though, being on the holistic side, was always pulling at me. 

  It wasn't until my oldest daughter was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer that I realized why God wanted me to be an RN, first and foremost. I will go more into detail about this story in "Our Cancer Journey" section later. Through her journey, I knew that she needed a strong mamma by her side. She needed me to bring my wisdom, strength, support, hope, prayers, and courage to her bedside. It wasn't until several years later, that I have been able to pursue my holistic goals and dreams. Here I am now, older, wiser, and stronger. I find it rewarding pursuing the holistic ways of living.  I am a Family Herbalist, a Certified Aromatherapist, I'm certified in making butters, balms and salves, and I am a soap maker, with a little soap shop.

  I am keeping true to my roots, as a Montana girl, while trying to live a natural, holistic, sustainable lifestyle, and to be a good steward of the things the Lord had blessed me with. 

  We are modern homesteaders, living a simple life. I am a born and raised Montana girl, who loves Jesus, my family, my country and my state. We live in an old mining town, and we respect the mining history and the ways of life back then. 

  On this website, our posts will be honest, unpolished and in the raw. I am not a fancy, frilly, picture perfect mom or wife. I will be sharing and blogging about some of our Montana life, (camping, fishing, hunting, gardening in the mountains, the long winters, etc), holistic/sustainable living/journey, preparedness, canning/preserving, baking, recipe and DIY shares, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, soap-making, e-books and hacks, our cancer journey, my walk as a Christian woman, my life as a nurse, and homeschooling three girls.

  This website will be a place where I share my knowledge, experiences, develop friendships and will be a place of encouragement and support to other women.

  Welcome to Mountain Girls Homestead.


                Michelle (Prov. 31:26-27)

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Meet the Mountain Girls


The creator of MGH

I am a holistic RN, an Herbalist, a Certified Aromatherapist, and I am also certified in making body butters, balms, and salves. I still work as an RN, while maintaining our small homestead, continuing my education and homeschooling the girls. I love Jesus, my family, herbs, plants, my Montana life, being a nurse and I’m an entrepreneur. 

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer, when she was five years old. Her journey through treatment, led our family down an even further holistic approach to self care, through nutrition, herbalism, organic/whole foods, supplements, and aromatherapy. Through her journey, we’ve made it our daily goal to live a more self-sufficient/sustainable lifestyle. Through my experiences as a mom, wife, Christian, nurse and herbalist, my goal is to help educate, encourage and support people to make more holistic, conscientious health care choices, to help live a more sustainable life, and to be an example of perseverance through it all.                        

                                                                    Michelle (Prov. 31:26-27)



Oldest Daughter

I'm a home-grown girl with big dreams. In May 2022 I will graduate with a bachelors in accounting from MT Tech University. Accounting is my professional passion, and I love to help businesses thrive. When I'm not studying or working, I am helping my family with Mountain Girls Homestead. I deeply enjoy to be outside in the summer, and you will often find me fishing/camping, taking my puppy for walks, or spending time in the garden. Aside from this, I love to quilt and bake pies. I've had quilting works win blue ribbons in the county fair, as well as be featured in college art shows. My favorite pie is bluebarb, and you can find my recipe under In the Kitchen.

Welcome to Mountain Girls Homestead!                   

                                                                           Jocelynn (Romans 8:28)



Middle Daughter

Hi! I am the coffee-obsessed mountain girl. I love sewing, cake baking, taking photos, drawing, camping, and being in the great outdoors. But most of all, I love coffee! I am currently practicing my coffee making skills so that I can become a professional barista. One day, I want to own my own coffee shop. I believe coffee is a science, an art, and a daily necessity. Here you'll find some of my experiences using an espresso machine, as well as some of the many other goodies I make. 

                                                                           Sophia (Proverbs 3:5-6)  



Youngest Daughter

Ask any one in my family and they will tell you that I’m a vintage junkie and obsessed with vintage campers. I love going to our markets and shows, and I always keep a watchful eye out for any vintage thing that I might be able to use as a pot for my succulents. I love to spend my spare time reading, sewing, baking, painting, and doing any type of craft. I live for the outdoors, and I spend every moment I can out there. And if you ever want to find me, just go out to the garden, I’ll be there.

 I have learned so much from my mom about gardening up here in the mountains of Montana. And My goal is, to become a Master Permaculturalist. Until then I will keep reading, watching, and learning all I can.

                                                                              Nikole (Hebrews 11:3)

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