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Camping Poems from My Heart

Updated: Aug 22

Poem #1: My Father, The Fisherman

It's the brisk, pounding wind through my hair,

it's the crisp, cold water splashing on my face,

it's the time spent on my father's boat,

where year's of memories have taken place.

It's, "Shel, you've gotta bite!"

Or, "Wow honey!, that's a beautiful fish!",

It's being with my dad on the water,

sharing adventures, laughter and joy,

of being a fisherman's daughter....


Michelle Norman

Poem #2: My Mother, The Preparer

She plans her meals thoughtfully,

around each adventure in mind,

She works hard to keep us all fed,

her meals are never behind.

The cooler is packed with ice, goodies and planned dishes,

with hamburger meat for the grill,

and potatoes for the fishes.

There's room for the s'mores, that we will enjoy by the night,

She is my role model,

my mother,

whom I love with all my might....


Michelle Norman

Poem #3: My Jocie

She says,


I'm tired of all this illness and napping,

so when I'm finished with chemo,

I want to go camping.

I want to be at the water,

where I can be filled with gladness,

instead of sick in bed, and burdened with sadness."

Mommy says,

"My love, if being at the water gives you strength to fight,

I will make sure we go camping,

to fill you with light."

We cover your tender bald head, with sunscreen and a hat,

you take off running down to the sand,

with your best friend by your side,

she will patiently stand.

Joy fills up my girl,

and she smiles with laughter,

and I know that my Lord holds her in His hands,

both now and forever after....


Michelle Norman

Poem #4: My Memories

It's where there is joy, laughter, adventure and sorrow,

where we gather as a family,

today and tomorrow.

The meals spent together,

challenging storms and hot weather,

we are under one roof,

in our camper, together.

Holding onto the years of memories we've made,

buying this camper, was the best choice that we've paid.

From the maintenance, RV mishaps and scaring towing,

from babies to young ladies,

our camper is growing.

I smile and chuckle, at the events of my life,

and hope that I am a good mommy and wife.

Memories will be passed down to the next generations to come,

and the knowledge and wisdom

they'll inherit has just begun.

Thank you Lord for my camper,

and the blessings within it,

my life has been more complete,

and I'm thankful for each minute.


Michelle Norman

Poem #5: My Sophia

She waddles through the water,

with her soggy diaper and bouncy curls,

digging for crawdad's and pointing to squirrels.

She drinks lake water and her goose bumps keep growing,

my little girl loves camping,

raining and snowing.

She loves carp shooting and getting covered up in blood and guts,

my dainty little girl,

some might think she is nuts.

She's rugged, yet dainty, sweet and tall.

No one would ever guess,

that she is a tomboy at all.

Keep fishing and getting muddy, 'til your heart is content,

for watching you grow up,

has been the best years spent.


Michelle Norman

Poem #6: My Nikole

It's where you took your first steps,

on that wobbly, rocky shore,

where your heart longs to be,

to adventure and explore.

My baby girl loves camping, and has such a free spirit,

she especially loves the water,

and always wants to be near it.

She loves her hamburgers, s'mores and junk food,

and when she is camping,

she's never in a bad mood.

She's brave, yet cautious,

curious and observant,

finds joy with all types of camping,

displaying much fervent.

Her camper is her second home,

and she'll let you know it,

she knows it inside and outside,

and can tell you how to tow it.

Her dream is to own a camper one day,

to be wild and free,

work hard then go play.

That's my adventurous outdoor girl,

as you can see,

she's part of her dad,

but mostly of me.


Michelle Norman

Poem #7: That steep, cruddy, muddy road

It was flooding with rain,

and the road was slimy muddy,

I could tell in the headlights,

the road was getting real cruddy.

My anxiety increases,

as the road gets steep and narrow,

I want out of this truck,

as fast as an arrow.

The truck engages,

as he carefully gears down,

and my heart is a racing,

to the truck's growling sound.

He says, "we will make it,"

with confidence and strength,

I whisper, "if we make it," to the Lord, I will thank.

We made it that night,

cold and alive,

for us Montanan's, know how to survive.

I say, "never again,"

as we drive home days later,

I'm thankful for my family,

for I know God's plans are greater.


Michelle Norman

Poem #8: The Captain

The wind is whipping and pushing us over,

He grabs tightly to the wheel,

to keep it off of the shoulder.

The girls sit quietly,

in the backseat they ride.

my anxiety increases,

and nervousness, I no longer can hide.

"This towing is not for me," I constantly say,

he says, "I've got it, be quiet and pray."

Terrible visions keep flooding my mind,

and I wish when we were towing,

I was a little more kind.

But we reach our destination,

as if nothing has happened,

I should have shut my mouth,

and listened to the Captain.

I say, "I'm sorry for he things that I said when we were towing,"

he said, "that's okay, my patience is growing."

I'll chalk this one as another memory of growth,

and swear I won't freak out next time,

with a solemn and oath.


Michelle Norman

Poem #9: My Eska

She's furry, robust, frisky and loud,

she loves sniffing the fish,

It makes her so proud.

She is 90 pounds of Labrador muscle,

and when we are carp shooting,

she knows how to hustle.

She's part of the family,

everywhere we go she is with us,

and she loves all things stinky, rotten and delicious.

She is my outdoor buddy,

I love her more than words can convey.

She is my best friend.

And to her, my secrets I say.

Just say the word, "camping",

and she knows what that means,

and loves to sleep on the couch,

enjoying camping dreams.

Life is not complete, without my girl by my side,

I love my furry baby,