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The Mountain Girls Story 
Meet Michelle
I am Montana born and raised, mother of three girls, and a mountain living , loving mama. I love making organic, homemade soaps and body products with a holistic approach. Our soaps are handmade and hand-cut from our kitchen, nestled in the mountains of an old mining town. The town's history and surrounding area has inspired the names and ingredients used in most of our soaps. I invite you to follow me and my family down our holistic journey and get to know us and share in our business adventures. 
I am a holistic RN, an Herbalist, a Certified Aromatherapist, and I am also certified in making body  butters, balms, and salves. I am also planning on continuing my education to become a Holistic Health Practitioner.
 I started down this holistic journey/lifestyle, when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer. Her journey through treatment, led our family down a holistic approach to self care, through nutrition,   herbalism, organic diet, supplements, aromatherapy, a more self-sufficient lifestyle and skin care. My goal is to help educate and encourage people too make more conscientious skin care product choices. The products I make are plant based and are beneficial to your skin, that the body can recognize, without any dyes, synthetics, fragrance oils, perfumes or preservatives. I want to educate and encourage people to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle, guiding them on how to read labels, understand ingredients and to know what their products are made of.
My motto is: "Your health is your greatest wealth."
Meet the Girls
My oldest daughter. She is our accountant, bookkeeper, and internet guru. She is the inspiration behind this journey. She is my stage 3 kidney cancer survivor. She is a hard worker and works great with the public. She is going to school for accounting and business. She is an honor roll student. She loves her studies, loves to read, write, take photos, fish, camp, hunt, garden, craft, cook, bake and quilt.
This is my middle daughter. She is our photographer and Pinterest, Instagram, and vintage junkie. She is my great helper and encourager. She also works great with the public and loves putting our displays together. She loves to sew, bake, cook, camp, fish, garden and loves to shop and loves going to the markets.
This is my littlest girl. She is my right-hand girl. She is always willing to help when I am making soap. She loves to go to the markets and loves traveling to the shows. She is also a vintage junkie and loves vintage campers. She loves to learn about the business and is getting much better with not being so shy and is getting better with dealing more with the public. She loves to sew, bake, cook, garden, fish, hunt, camp and craft.
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