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Ice Fishing Melt Down

This was a beautiful day for ice fishing at George Town Lake. I bought a really nice ice scoop. I told the girls NOT to drop that scoop... Soooo... Jocelynn captured the moment with her camera.. I had no idea what was going on, until I needed the scoop. Here in order is my youngest, Nikole, looking into the hole and playing with the scoop. She drops it. You can see the remorse and guilt in her body language, (hahaha). She's thinking in the chair, how is she going to tell mom and dad, and then, she is really feeling guilty when she is on the ground, full of remorse, (hahaha). I laugh as I figure out what has happened, then I have to give her a bad time about it, then the melt down begins, and then she starts to cry. I did comfort her after I gave her the run around about it.. it was all good. Very funny...

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